Let’s be real, sex toys are always a good idea and while it isn’t something to feel shame or embarrassment about, sometimes you want to be a little bit more discreet. A family holiday perhaps, or something even more public? These discreet sex toys come in all shapes and sizes making them perfectly concealable.

Whether you’re looking to dive head first into the world of sex toys for the first time or are a sex toy aficionado, there is something for you on this list. 


Bullet vibrators

Lovehoney Bullet Vibrator

Small, but powerful. Do we even need to say more? When you think of discreet sex toys, bullet vibrators will likely come to mind. They have compact and sleek designs perfect for the bedside table or to throw in your bag when you’re on the go. Don’t let their size fool you; they can still pack an orgasm punch. 

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Finger vibrators 

Lovehoney Finger Vibrator Black

Avoid pesky finger cramps in both solo and couple play by adding finger vibrators into your sexy times tool kit. Because these bad boys are purpose-built to mimic finger action, they are small enough to stash away. This is a great sex toy for beginners and we recommend you use a finger vibrator to dip your toes into the sex toy water. 

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Micro vibrators

As they say, good things come in small packages. Let us introduce you to the humble micro vibrator. Similar in design to the small and mighty bullet vibrator, just you know, smaller. The size doesn’t mean you’ll have to compromise on pleasure though, as most have multiple settings that are bound to get you tingling. 

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Lipstick vibrators

Lovehoney Oh Kiss Me Lipstick Vibrator

The good old vibrator-in-disguise trick. No one, and we mean no one, will suspect these lipstick designs as masking for a vibrator. The best part? They can hide in plain sight, making the options endless.

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Butterfly vibrators and vibrating underwear

Lovehoney Vibrating Knickers

Slip into a pair of these and date night will get an instant amp up. You’ll get handsfree action without anyone having the slightest clue of what is going on downstairs. Our top tip – keep calm and put your poker face on.

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Miscellaneous vibrators

If nothing has tickled your fancy yet, there are more shapes and sizes still to come. Try this heart shaped vibrator or this diamond shaped vibrator, both of which will actually look like part of your decor. If you’d rather something for your desk then try this pen vibrator (however it is definitely NSFW), or if makeup is your calling but you aren’t into lipstick, pop this vibrating mascara in your cart and check out immediately.  

Other sex toys

Oral sex

We’ve covered finger cramps but what about mouth/tongue cramps? You guessed it, there is something for that too. From oral sex candy and a screaming o-moustache to oral sex simulators and recharagable oral sex vibes. These tactful designs can be used by your partner or for solo sessions. 

Nipple play

Throw on a bra or shirt over these and you’re guaranteed to have a good time wherever you are. Similar to the vibrating underwear, you can head out and about with your game face on and no one will ever know. If nipple sucking is your thing try this Club X nipple sucker, or if you’re after something more massage-like, this Jou Jou vibrating breast massager is the one for you.

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