Want to get the best bang for your butt? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve compromised our search history, so that you don’t have to! 

Anal play doesn’t have to be overwhelming, in fact the best way to get into it is to start with a little self exploration. Or if you’re a seasoned pro, try mixing it up with some of Australia’s favourite sex toys. 

If you’re a little old fashioned…

A realistic dildo can be the perfect place to start. Described by one reviewer as “life changing”, a suction cup makes this toy the perfect partner for some solo time or for self exploration. The versatility with a dildo is only limited by your imagination, so you can have a lot of fun pairing with a water based lubricant and indulging in some foreplay with your partner. Keen to try pegging for the first time? A realistic dildo is what we’d recommend. 

Real review: “The gateway to a good pegging! This was mine and my partner’s first experience with pegging using a dildo, my god I did not realise how good this thing would be… It feels pretty real to touch and it looks like the real thing, the texture is great when it’s inside you, not too soft and not too hard.” 

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Not only popular, but cute too! 

If this sex toy was a person, you can guarantee that she was on the cheerleading team. Butt plugs are one of the most popular anal toys for any gender, are easy to use and approachable for anyone. This is a great place to start if you’re new to anal play, or wanting to add a little something extra in the bedroom. This toy brings temperature play and a weighted feel into your intimate experiences and can be worn during hetero-intercourse to try out a new sensation.

Real review: “This butt plug is perfect for anyone who isn’t used to forms of anal penetration. Pushing it in with some lubrication will give you that stretching feeling however once it’s inside it feels great and the smaller size allows for comfortable vaginal penetration while worn. Greatly recommend for anyone wanting to incorporate anal play into their sex life.”

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A custom fit for you

For a toy that you can customise depending on your experience level or maybe just how you’re feeling on any given day, why not try an inflatable dildo? Start small while you warm up with some foreplay and adjust the size as you go. They come in a different sizes range from butt plug to monster, so you can opt for something a little more adventurous over time!

Real review: “This toy is perfect if youre a little unsure or new to anal play. It’s relatively small and not too long, quite flexible and not too intimidating. The material is standard dildo rubber, not sticky but lovely and stretchy. It feels good when lubed up to play with. We used it for a relaxed anal session, lots of attention paid to his bottom and slowly inserted.”

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For prostate play

Pleasure your P-spot with We-Vibe’s ever popular remote and app-controlled pulsations. Prostate massagers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but this toy reigns supreme. Designed for ease of use and external stimulation as well as internal, the Vector can be used with partners near and far via the free We-Connect app, making it perfect for lockdown lovers. Oh, and you can synchronise it to music. Yep. You read that right. Time to shake your tushie, in more ways than one.

Real review: “Beam me up Scotty, I’m done. What a sexy toy. This thing is the bees knees, to start with it’s super sexy. It’s perfect in girth, both the widest part and the neck once in place. It’s comfy with no risk of popping out. I ramped both the base vibrator and the inner vibrator up to the max setting… religion had not played a part in my life until then but all of a sudden I was thanking any god that was willing to listen. Easy to clean, store, charge, use. Get one.”

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For the adventurous (or indecisive) types

Keen to play, but not sure where to start? Opt for a mix bag of toys to keep it funky fresh at all times. This comprehensive kit comes with a bullet vibrator compatible with each piece, so you can use them as is, or take it to the next level… pleasure as you please. It comes with an anal douche to keep things clean and each toy is made from durable, washable and waterproof silicone. 

Real review: “First off, these toys feel straight up luxurious. The texture is super smooth and so skin-seductive that you could really just sit there and stroke the toys for a sensory stimulation moment. They’re dreamy. Moving on! This kit is great for beginners. There’s a tonne of stuff to get to it with and if you’re a crafty individual you’ll have no trouble finding infinite ways to play around. The plugs are excellent sizes, the first and smallest being a mentally manageable girth for a first timer and the larger plug with vibe insert being a good step up from that one with the fun addition of buzzing glory. The prostate massager has been an absolute hit with my partner. If you’re wanting to explore, this kit is perfect. That’s pretty much all there is to say.”

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Whether you start out small with anal play, or are expanding your horizons, there are plenty of safe and pleasurable options to keep you on the edge… of your seat. Drop back and tell us which one was your favourite, won’t you?

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