Sex toys should be for everyone who wants to use them: for men, women, and non-binary people, for people with penises and vaginas alike. They can become fun additions to regular foreplay, serve as a sexy gift for a special occasion, or be used to take your self-pleasure to the next level.

For people who want a sex toy that works with any and all genitalia and erogenous zones, here is a sample of some versatile, gender-neutral toys to choose from, so you can reach heady new heights of pleasure with partners of all shapes and sizes.


Fin gender neutral sex toy

Finger vibrators in general are perfect for sex play with people of all genders, because they fit easily around your finger and can be used anywhere where you would normally use your fingers. They’re perfect for ass or nipple play, clitoris stimulation, or really for any erogenous zones. Let your mind run wild: wherever your fingers can reach, so can these pocket-size vibrators.

Fin is a top favourite for many due to its size, versatile positions, and easy cleaning capabilities. Plus, it’s perfect for on the go, with a travel mode to make sure it doesn’t get turned on accidentally in transit, saving you embarrassment at airport security.

Mystery Vibe Crescendo

Mystery vibe gender neutral sex toy

If you’re looking for flexibility, there’s no better choice than Crescendo. It’s bendy, flexible, wireless, waterproof, hands-free, remote controlled, and has six different speeds – what more could you want? These combinations make for practically endless variations. While still lying in its flat shape, it can be used like a vibrating dildo, with settings ranging from low to intense according to your preference.

For use anywhere else, you can twist and shape to hit the sweet spot for any other area of your body. No matter what you’re into, Crescendo will be able to match the perfect shape to get you going like nothing else.

Pico Bong Transformer

Pico bong gender neutral sex toy

This double-ended wonder is super versatile and is especially well-suited to massaging smaller areas of pleasure. Use it on the G-spot, clitoris, prostate, or as a cock ring – or experiment with all of the above. The Pico Bong was made with flexibility in mind, so the world is your oyster.

With 10 vibrating patterns on each end, you can adjust it to exactly how you like and even use it on two bodies at once. The loose, rope-like shape makes it adaptable to use on yourself or with any partner, so it’s a super useful toy to have tucked away for a rainy day.

The Enby

Enby gender neutral sex toy

It’s in the name with this one: the Enby was specially designed to be a gender-neutral sex toy. It might not look like much, with its oddly abstract shape, but once you get it going, you won’t be sorry you bought it. It’s modelled roughly around the shape of the crotch, but as you start using it, you’ll find you can adapt to nearly any shape you can imagine.

Sit on top of it and grind away for intense external pleasure, tuck it into a strap-on harness for a little extra oomph, or place it between yourself and your partner to add some spice to a makeout session. With five levels of vibration, you can use it to build slowly throughout foreplay, plus it’s super flexible to fit to any body shape.

Lovehoney Oh! Sensual Body Massager

Massager gender neutral sex toy

For some people, vibrations are not their thing, although it seems to be included in every sex toy. For those who want a little more subtlety in their stimulation, this body massager is perfect for temperature play and slow-building sensations.

Place in the fridge or in warm water for a few minutes to let the temperature seep into the glass, then drag it slowly across your own or your partner’s body. Placing it on nipples or other erogenous zones will help raise arousal and can create some delicious foreplay sensations. Being small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, it’s easy to move anywhere around the body. For special occasions, dip it in some massage oil or lube for extra tingly pleasure.

With any of these toys, remember that the sky’s the limit. There are dozens more possibilities for pleasure and foreplay than what’s listed here, especially for the more versatile options on the list. Combine toys with your tried-and-tested techniques in the bedroom to add a little bit more spice and remember that everybody is different, so be prepared to keep trying new things. Whenever and wherever you’re getting it on, though, you can be sure that this versatile and gender-neutral sex toys will come in handy.

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