Sounds are among the sexiest things on the planet. The ocean, a laugh, a well-timed moan. So it’s no surprise that podcasts have become hot right now, and these podcasts may just be the hottest ones on offer.

This list will have you entertained, humbled, educated, laughing and probably everything in between. And the extensive range of topics and opinions will find you something to relate to and learn from.

Get these saucy listens in your ears and let the bingeing begin.

Future of Sex

People have been having sex since the beginning of banging but a lot has changed when it comes to sex and the attitudes around it. Impacted by modern inventions and social norms, sex has evolved along with us. For example, cyber sex is much more accessible, sex toys are the norm and finding a hookup partner online has never been easier. And let’s not forget how far education around sexual health has come.

Future of Sex is a podcast that looks at all of these things and where sex is going. Each episode looks at sex tech, ancient wisdoms and cultural phenomenons in a way that can help us to understand what sex might look like and how we will view sex in the future.

Hosted by Bryony Cole, you can expect interviews with technologists, scientists, researchers and therapists.

Love etc.

Who better to present a love podcast than the dating app matchmakers over at Bumble.

Bumble Australia has teamed up with Shameless Media on this epic podcast about love and all its many shapes, sizes and stories. The episodes interview real people about their lived experiences, giving it a range of perspectives on modern day love.

From life as a sex worker, being the other woman and coming out as gay through to forbidden romance, sugar babies and heartbreak. There is sure to be a topic that piques your interest.

Guys We F****d

With 300+ episodes and counting this critically acclaimed podcast will keep you busy. Hosted by stand-up comedians Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson, the topic variety is extensive and nothing, we mean nothing is off limits. Think taboo kinks, open conversations with sexual health experts, cultural icons and, yep, guys they’ve fucked.

It is a Luminary Original, meaning you’ll have to subscribe to unlock all of the episode goodness but you can get a taste with a few free episodes before you commit.

How Cum

Another comedian-led podcast is How Cum. Hosted by Remy Kassimir, this podcast follows her journey to having the elusive female orgasm.

Remy had never experienced an orgasm before and so created this podcast to figure it out. Guess what? Remy got there and is now three seasons deep helping others get there too. Tune in for chats with hundreds of expert guests, you’ll even get to hear their first cumming stories.

Girls Gotta Eat

It’s hilarious, it’s honest and it’s smart. Girls Gotta Eat is a comedy podcast on dating, sex and relationships. Hosted by comedic duo Ashley Hesseltine and Rayna Greenberg, these girls openly discuss dating-related topics and never settle for bad sex. They also include regular guests on the show including therapists, comedians and authors.

Topics covered include sex tips, relationship advice, fuckboy detection and sexual fetishes.

Its Instagram @girlsgottaeatpodcast is also a vibe and should be followed immediately.

Dyking Out

Dyking Out is a lesbian and LGBTQ podcast for everyone, but hosts Carolyn Bergier and Melody Kamali were looking to create content specifically for queer women when they got in the podcast game.

It explores everything about lesbian and queer life, news and pop culture and features weekly guests to ‘dyke out’ on all things relevant to the LGBTQ world.

It is smart, funny, informative, thoughtful and relatable. Topics range from serious, such as mental health issues within the LGBTQ community and Garrad Conley, author of Boy Erased, discussing his experience with conversion theory to much lighter and sugary topics like dating, sex parties and lesbian memes.

U Up?

Modern dating is hard, plagued by late night ‘u up?’ texts, ghosting and fuck buddies. Presenting U Up?, the podcast made for modern dating.

Join co-hosts Jordana Abraham and Jared Freid as they discuss the crazy world of dating. Topics are varied and include going from sexting to dating and how to interpret an ex viewing your Instagram Stories. If you have a question about the dating challenges of today, it is likely they have covered it.

We love that episodes range from short and sweet to more lengthy listening to fit into your schedule and listening habits.

Its Instagram is banging and also deserves a follow.

Sex with Emily

Sex with Emily is – you guessed it – about Sex with Emily. Dr Emily Morse to be specific. Emily is a doctor of human sexuality and a sex and relationship expert, and she uses her podcast to impart her knowledge and, as she says, “save the world one orgasm at a time”.

With hundreds of episodes to make your way through you’re sure to come out the other side just a little bit more sex, relationship and dating savvy.

She covers an interesting range of topics from eating your own semen to your sex life on meds and everything else you can think of ranging from vanilla to kinky.

Where Should We Begin

This podcast with couples therapist Esther Perel is real and raw. Described as a podcast for anyone who has ever loved, this audio will give you a fly-on-the-wall experience of a therapist’s office.

Esther talks to and counsels real couples anonymously as they share the most intimate details of their relationships and couple stories.

Every episode is a different story so you can pick and choose episodes to listen to as you go. Its ability to articulate the experiences, struggles and stories of others, which usually align to our own lived experiences, gives it a unique perspective.


Nancy is a critically acclaimed podcast hosted by BFF duo Kathy Tu and Tobin Low, who have open, honest and frank conversations about the LGBTQ experience.

It is described as a podcast that will make you both laugh and cry as it discusses a range of topics, queer stories and delves into what it is like to be queer today.

The Bounce Back

Not strictly about sex, love and relationships but definitely one to put on your listen list. The Bounce Back is a podcast with Laura Yates, who looks at the art of bouncing back.

She combines solo episodes with guest interviews to chat about all the amazing and outright insane things people do as a result of going through something in their lives, which requires a bounce back (such as breakups, heartbreak and affairs).

Use it for a good laugh, some motivation or bounce back inspiration.

Why Won’t You Date Me?

It is safe to say that host Nicole Byer has nailed the art of being single. But as someone who describes herself as smart, funny, has a fat ass and loves giving blow jobs, why has she spent decades solo?

Nicole developed Why Won’t You Date Me? as a journey to discover the answer to her singledom, with the help of her guests of course.

It is funny, it is honest and it is entertaining. Plus if you’ve been riding the single train for a while or know your way around a dry spell you will definitely relate.

Authentic Sex with Juliet Allen

This podcast is hosted by Australia’s leading sexologist, Juliet Allen, so you are sure to learn a thing or two when it comes to sex, pleasure and relationships.

Juliet is a straight shooter and isn’t afraid to tell you as it is. She shares her expertise and brings in some of the world’s leaders in the sex and relationship world to contribute.

51 First Dates

51 First Dates is about, you guessed it, 51 First Dates. Kimmy and Liza, BFFs and master daters, understand that dating is hard so they decided to undertake a 51 First Dates challenge. They are more than 150 episodes in, so it has definitely gone beyond overanalyzing their first dates but the date recaps mixed in with guests who talk about all things modern love and dating is super entertaining.

Dying for Sex

Dying for Sex is an intriguing combination of sex and mortality that will have you laughing one second and crying the next.

When host Nikki Boyer’s best friend Molly is diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer she leaves her unhappy marriage and begins her sexipades. And yep, they captured the whole thing on the podcast.

These sexual adventures will take you on a wild ride but fair warning the ending might hit you in the feels.