Look, we all think about upping our game in the bedroom from time to time. Hell, many of us are obsessed with just that. And thanks to the ridiculously stupid and connected age in which we live, your smartphone can be your gateway to a world of damn sexy apps.

This list brings it all – foreplay boosters, complete sex position guides, sex games, sexy stories, couple growth, relaxation techniques and much more.

For getting in the mood

Couple Game: Relationship Quiz

Put your relationship to the test and find out how well you know your partner and, even better, how well your partner knows you.

This relationship quiz app checks to see who has been paying attention and gives you the chance to get to know your partner on a deeper level.

All it takes is both parties answering a few questions about themselves and then you guess each other’s answers. The person with the highest score wins.

We recommend incorporating a cheeky prize.

P.S. It even saves your answers for when something slips your mind or you’re looking for a last minute gift, holiday destination or date night idea.

Cost: Free with in-app purchases

Desire – Couples Game

This app is for couples who are feeling all loved up with hearts in their eyes. Perfect for intimate date nights with some sexual flare.

Key features include partner dares (complete enough dares and you’ll earn points to reach new levels and even hotter challenges), love notes, private chat features and private journals to store all the memories you make while playing the game.

The dare categories have a range of moods and situations for whatever you’re feeling up to and can have time limits attached to up the ante.

Cost: Free with in-app purchases

Dipsea – Sexy Audio Stories

Dipsea provides an entire library of sexy audio stories to get you in the mood. Let the stories spark your imagination and give you some ideas to take into the bedroom.

Listen to them solo to get yourself in a frisky headspace or use them as foreplay with your partner.

Dipsea also offers guided meditations to help you relax and care for yourself.

The audio clips are short, so they fit in with your busy schedule, and the audio library caters to every interest with diverse themes and a range of erotica.

Cost: Free trial and then subscription

Picolo Drinking Game

This raunchy app combines sexy times with a drinking game, so people of legal drinking age only. This app has a few different modes but if you want to get a little naughty make sure you select ‘Caliente’. The game combines questions, dares and challenges that are sure to spice up your night.

We remind you to drink responsibly, always seek consent and have fun.

Cost: Free with in-app purchases

Sex Dice

Sex Dice is the ideal way to try something new in the bedroom and up your foreplay game. Customise the dice with specific actions and body parts, add as many players as you like and let the games begin.

Cost: Free with in-app purchases

Wheel of Foreplay

Not technically an app, but too good not to include anyway. Wheel of Foreplay gives you a sensual online experience that will take your sexual pleasure up a notch. Whether you’re single, loved up or in a long-distance relationship, the five different categories have something for everyone.

Visit the website, pick your category, spin the wheel and enjoy your task.

Not affiliated with Baby John Burgess in any way.

Cost: Free

For nurturing intimacy

Coral – Improved Intimacy

Coral is a game changing sex app for happiness between the sheets. This app is a curated mix of science, stories and practical exercises created by experts to amp up your sex life.

Its website describes the app as ‘a tool to alleviate bedroom boredom, improve your sexual performance and increase your level of desire’.

Cost: Free with subscription options available

Kindu For Couples

Work on your communication and connection with Kindu. Nothing is off limits in this exploration of your deepest desires and X-rated fantasies.

Kindu assists you in opening up with your partner and telling them what you really want, embarrassment free.

This app lets you search through intimate activity ideas individually and then swipe yes or no. Similar to Tinder, if you and your partner both swipe yes you’ll get a kink match. If you swipe yes and your partner says no it disappears and your desire remains a total secret. On top of its activity database you can anonymously slip your own ideas into your partner’s feed, meaning really nothing is off limits.

Cost: Free with in-app purchases


Increase your intimacy with this couple quiz app. This app is a great way to really get to know your partner sexually.

You both answer questions about your own likes, dislikes and fantasies, and then you guess each other’s answers.

Points are rewarded for correct guesses and whoever wins gets a prize in the form of an act, which their partner must perform, so get your competitive streak out.

This is a fun and easy way to discover the ins and outs of your partners sexual preferences.

Cost: Free with in-app purchases

Love Nudge

Its website describes Love Nudge as ‘your personal assistant for relationships’. You may have heard of the 5 Love Languages – this is from the same creator, making it a game-changing way to build heightened intimacy.

Love Nudge turns the 5 Love Languages into actions and activities that you can use to support and boost your partner’s love language. You can also send a cheeky nudge to suggest an activity and completed activities fill up your partner’s Love Tank, making them feel special and your relationship feel stronger and more connected.

Cost: Free

Gottman Card Decks

The Gottman Card Decks take The Gottman Institute’s research-based approach to relationships. This game is stacked with cards full of questions, statements and ideas for improving your relationship and building intimacy. Star your favourite cards or shake it up to see a random selection.

Cost: Free

Happy Couple

This quiz-style game was designed to emotionally strengthen your relationship with your partner. It is a fun and low pressure way to better understand what your partner thinks and feels.

Use this app as a conversation starter for those deep and meaningful conversations you’ve been craving and become closer as a couple.

Earn points by guessing each other’s answers and enjoy the daily tips and personalised challenges.

Cost: Free with in-app purchases

For spicing things up

Sex Positions 3D

Looking for some inspiration that will take you past missionary in the bedroom? Sex Positions 3D has you covered as it will open you and your partner up to trying new positions between the sheets.

The 3D graphics and detailed explanations make for accurate depictions of a wide range of popular and out there positions.

Cost: Free with in-app purchases

iKama – Sex Positions Guide

iKama is the ultimate Kamasutra sex positions guide. The high quality illustrations make figuring out these creative positions just that much easier.

Bring something new and unexplored into the bedroom with its wide range of new positions to try. The handy descriptions will help you seamlessly get into place ready for your love making.

Cost: Free with in-app purchases


Spicer is exactly what it sounds like, a sex app for couples that will make your sex spicier. Its features include a range of sex questions for every kink level, sex dares to play with your partner, a sex tracker and a private chat.

The sex questions in particular will open you and your partner up for exploring desires. When answering a question if both you are your partner are down it will come up as a match. If you’re into something that your partner isn’t they will never know (unless you’re feeling brave and decide to tell them).

Cost: Free with in-app purchases

For some me time


Ferly is an app for more mindful sex. Aimed at a female audience, this app is all about sexual self-care. It provides sensual stories, guided practices and programs to cultivate confidence.

Ferly gives you the tools to unwind and tune into your most intimate needs and desires. Added bonus, once you know what you want and like you can express it to your partner for a more satisfying sex life and better know how to take care of your own needs.

Cost: Free


Emjoy is a female-focused app that works with you on your intimate wellbeing. Treat yourself to some sexual self-care with guided audio practices, which focus on your pleasure and brings you in tune with your body and inner desires.

Topics include how to boost your libido, developing self-knowledge, increasing pleasure and improving sexual communication.

Keep on track as it maps out your sexual wellness journey to keep tabs on how far you’ve come.

Cost: Free with subscription options available

For working on your relationship


As the name suggests, Lasting is about making your relationship last, specifically making your marriage last. This app is all about making marriage counselling easy, with a guided counseling program based on your relationship needs and 126 scientific studies.

This is a great way to dip your toes into the marriage counselling world and works well for busy couples, with conflicting schedules, who struggle to commit to face-to-face appointments. Or mix and match by using the Lasting app alongside your in-person consultations.

Cost: Free with in-app purchases

For meditation and relaxation


Calm is the number one app for sleep, meditation and relaxation. The program is suitable for all experience levels and includes a range of lengths to suit your schedule.

You can track your progress with daily streaks and mindful minutes.

Cost: Free trial and then subscription


This app provides hundreds of guided meditations to help you relax, stress less and enjoy life more. With a range of lengths it can work into your busy schedule and it even allows you to buddy up with your partner and meditate together.

Cost: Free trial and then subscription

Smiling Mind

Smiling Mind is an amazing free option for meditating and relaxing. The programs provides you with a range of meditations catered to your circumstances. At the start of each meditation session they ask you to check in with yourself with a variety of questions to track your mood and progress.

Cost: Free


If you’re all about wellness then Bloom is for you. You’ll be able to unwind and relax with its guided meditations, relaxing music, activities and mindful experiences. This app trains your mind into becoming a more relaxed being.

Cost: Free trial and then subscription